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Cat Codes.

First seen here (link via Feeny). One of Feeny's people then saw fit to create a nifty online form for the cat codes.

Brontë: "MX" Ot+W+G Y/Y 8.8 X L+ W++ C-- I++ T+/T+++ A-- E++ H S++ V F- Q--- P++ B+ PA++ PL++
Faust: "MX" B G+Y/G+Y 10.8 Y L W C-- I++ T+/T--- A E H S+ V++ F+ Q+++ P B-- PA- PL-
Bevo: "AS" B+W Y/Y 2.8 X L- W- C-- I++ T+/T+++ A++ E- H+ S+ V++ F Q+ P B PA- PL-

January 4, 2003 in Bevo, Bronte, Faust | Permalink