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Cat Counseling.

Faust may need a referral to a catnip rehab clinic.

As a special treat, I bought a bag of catnip today. After giving all three cats a small taste, I put it in the utility drawer in the kitchen.

During dinner, we heard suspicious noises in the kitchen. Suspecting that one of the cats was snacking on the salmon goodies we left on the counter, I went to check. Sure enough, Bevo was on the countertop, apparently licking salmon morsels. Pitching her off the counter, I noticed Brontë hanging out in the corner trying to look innocent; Faust was nowhere in sight. I returned to my own meal.

After we finished eating and cleaning up dishes in the kitchen, I realized Faust was suspiciously absent. Checked all the usual hideouts; no Faust. Remembering strange kitchen noises while we ate, I decided to check the cabinets under the counter. And there was Faust.

I thought it strange that he had stayed in the cabinet for 45+ minutes since he has demonstrated in the past his ability to escape at will from accidental cabinet entrapment. I also didn't recall him being in the vicinity during dinner prep when I opened the cabinet.

Later on I was back in the kitchen for more cleaning and opened the cabinet to put something away. Inside the cabinet was a positive mess -- catnip everywhere. And a very chewed up, empty bag.

Faust had figured out that he could get into the drawer hiding the catnip stash by way of the cabinet underneath*. Very clever. From inside the cabinet there is a gap of approximately two inches between the top of the drawer and the bottom of the counter. Faust had blindly fished out the catnip bag from there.

Now I remember why I always kept catnip in the refrigerator in the past.

* Why did Faust not just open the drawer while perched on the counter? Because it's heavy and sticks a bit. No doubt he tried the drawer first.

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