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Chron story (2/1/06) "Note to azaleas: Chill"

2/13/06 EBD observation: azaleas near peaking

2/11-12/06: light freezes; some penta damage

Feb. observations

  • erlicheers trying to bloom

  • meyer lemon blooming

  • carolina jessamine blooming lightly (early- / mid-Feb.)

  • pentas blooming lightly

  • volunteer cilantro growing well

  • sage growing very well

  • serrano peppers blooming/setting (before freeze at least)

  • bradley pears blooming (early Feb.)

  • redbuds peaking (mid-Feb.)

  • feb. 22--crocus started blooming in front yard

  • live oaks starting to bud


  • fig budding

  • ripe serranos

  • sage just starting to bloom; growing well

  • volunteer cilantro growing v. well; needs to be thinned

  • crocii and narcissus fizzled (too hot?)

June 23, Chron story: Buffalo Bayou's new park passes first test

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