b. 2000

aka Beevles, Beeves and Beevy-Weevy

Yes, she's named in honor of the University of Texas mascot. I wanted to name her "Austen", which would have been consistent with the literary names of the other two cats in the household, while also (sort of) being a nod to Austin, Texas. But, despite the fact that she bears no resemblance whatsoever to a longhorn steer, the name "Bevo" won.

Bevo was born a street cat, the offspring of a stray living in and around a dumpster near downtown Houston. At a very tender age - she barely had teeth - Bevo wandered from her littermates and mother and was found making her way towards the I-10 feeder road.

She was less than half a block from the feeder, with no mama cat in sight, meowing piteously when I heard her. Bevo immediately demonstrated her desire to be a "domestic" cat by letting me pick her up, neither scampering away nor struggling despite her semi-feral status.

Since I had been on my way to work before encountering Bevo, I went back to the apartment, confined Bevo in a cat carrier along with some tuna and water, and left Faust and Brontë to introduce themselves.

Bevo is the only cat in the household with a tail. She violently objects to nail clipping and is only slowly learning to appreciate baths. Despite the fact that she is at the bottom of the pecking order, she is the self-designated "bed cat".