Cavorting in the Catnip.

Bevo (left) and Brontë (right) taking advantage of their catnip patch. For some reason, Darin always scolds me for letting them wallow in the patch. I thought that was why we planted it in the first place!


originally posted 3/21/2004 on garden spot.

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Cat Codes.

First seen here (link via Feeny). One of Feeny's people then saw fit to create a nifty online form for the cat codes.

Brontë: "MX" Ot+W+G Y/Y 8.8 X L+ W++ C-- I++ T+/T+++ A-- E++ H S++ V F- Q--- P++ B+ PA++ PL++
Faust: "MX" B G+Y/G+Y 10.8 Y L W C-- I++ T+/T--- A E H S+ V++ F+ Q+++ P B-- PA- PL-
Bevo: "AS" B+W Y/Y 2.8 X L- W- C-- I++ T+/T+++ A++ E- H+ S+ V++ F Q+ P B PA- PL-

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Visiting the Vet.

Today the cats made their annual trip to the vet for checkups and shots. Surprisingly, this visit was relatively uneventful in that Faust didn't bite the vet.

All received a clean bill of health; Brontë is responding well to the flea treatment.

The worst part of today's trip was getting all three cats into their carriers. They know that when the carriers come out of storage, a trip to the vet must be forthcoming. And so three cats who are typically very much underfoot become quite scarce.

Today's hiding places weren't very inspired. Faust and Brontë hid together under the upstairs bed, but couldn't get out of reach since there is a lot of other stuff stowed away under the bed. Bevo seemed to think the seat of a dining chair would offer sufficient cover; sure, the chair was pushed in to the table, but this is one of her known refuges.

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