b. 1994

aka Tay-Tay, Tatertot, Brontles, B-Cat and Adventure Kitty

Brontë is a part Manx, part barn cat born on a horse farm in Arkansas. When she was a kitten she was picked out to join Faust in Texas.

Before going to Texas, Brontë was relocated from the barn to the farmhouse to be socialized (and housetrained). At this time she earned the name "Velcro-Kitty" for her habit of scaling up a person's clothes with her claws and clinging like velcro.

At the age of about six months, Brontë moved to Texas and met Faust. Much to his frustration, Brontë worshipped Faust and shadowed him everywhere.

When she was a wee thing, Brontë would launch herself at Faust's head, sometimes successfully attaching herself to one of his ears. Faust would then bodyslam her and pin her to the ground for a few seconds. As soon as she was released, Brontë would come back for more. This was when we knew she wasn't the brightest cat on the block.

Brontë is allergic to fleas, hates having her toenails clipped, and tolerates baths moderately well. The sound of a tuna can being opened makes her gurgle in anticipation. Brontë is presently the middle cat in the household.