b. 1992

aka Faustie, Hellcat, Grumpycat, Pooper

Faust, like Brontë, is a part Manx, part barn cat born on a horse farm in Arkansas. Faust and Brontë are probably related in some way, but only DNA could tell for certain.

As a kitten, Faust looked remarkably like an evil gremlin. There was some initial discussion about naming him "Mephistopheles"; however, that name was rejected since (1) it was far too much name for such a tiny kitten and (2) he would have been called "Muffy" which seemed inappropriate for such a serious, somber looking kitty.

Faust was a very lonely kitten for his first two years since he spent his days alone while I worked. Daily ankle attacks when I came home from work finally convinced me to get a pet for Faust - enter Brontë.

Faust tolerates baths and nail clipping reasonably well; he loves the having the blow dryer aimed at his face. But for all his bluster, he lets brontë push him around. Faust is easily the smartest cat in the household: he can open doors that are barely ajar from either inside or outside and he has mastered the opening of cabinets. Faust is the undisputed top cat in the household.