Fearless Faust.

faustisfearlessAnd the dogs are oblivious.

As I (slowly) make my way through three years of archived digital photos I'm pulling out the better pet pics for eventual cataloguing.

I was specifically looking for this one because it well illustrates the usual interaction between our pets -- complete disinterest. The dogs are inhaling their dinner while Faust calmly drinks their water. We finally gave up keeping separate water dishes for the cats since they almost always drank from the dogs' water. Dog slobber adds flavor, maybe.

Top to bottom: Major, Faust, Tex

Things weren't always so friendly, at least not as far as Major was concerned.

When Tex was introduced to the household he mostly ignored the cats. After a few days of close supervision, we didn't worry about leaving him alone with them.

Major, on the other hand, caused a fair amount of anxiety -- for the cats and for me -- for weeks after her arrival. Her "chase" instinct was much stronger than Tex's and whenever the cats were in sight we had to restrain her. She would prick up her ears, pant and whine, desperate to take off after the "prey". The cats, naturally enough, were terrified and would spit and hiss at her. No doubt making her even more eager to chase them down.

After several weeks and many, many carefully supervised introductions, I was finally comfortable that she wasn't going to eat the cats.

Nowadays, as the picture shows, cats and dogs pretty much ignore each other.

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