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Monday, February 25, 2002

Lazy Erica.

despite the fact that it was a beautiful weekend, i did absolutely nothing outside. i did finish potting all the tomato and spinach seedlings, but that was pretty much the extent of my gardening activity for saturday/sunday.

the only vaguely outdoorsy thing i did was to wander around the backyard looking for additional places to put all my plants once they're ready to go out. i decided that the ixora under the sunroom windows should be relocated to the side fence beds. i think they'll be happy there, if not i won't worry too much. the bed under the windows is perfect for tomatoes and sun-loving herbs. there is also a small bed by the side door that would be a good home for some smallish herbs. they'll be sharing space with a crape myrtle and some lily-things, but i think i can make it work.

Pictures? i know, pictures of all the happy seedlings would be fun. but the camera and the computer have a love/hate relationship, and right now they're in a hate cycle.

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