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Sunday, February 17, 2002

Progress in the Jungle.

i'm about half done with the clearing. darin helped by digging out one of the sago palms. i measured the area this afternoon - it's approximately 11' front-to-back and 18' wide. that's a lot of asian jasmine. the good news is that the soil is in pretty good condition. i can push a pitchfork in about five inches without much effort. even so, i think we probably will add some compost, and possibly sand, before all is said and done.

in addition to the earthworms, frogs and a couple of lizards, i've also found some very interesting "lost objects": the skull of some antlered animal, i'd guess it was a deer, but it seems too small; a pair of interesting antlers/horns with no skull attached; 3 wooden lawn croquet balls (somewhat rotted); a wire topiary form shaped like a deer (no head, and the skull is proportionally too small to substitute); and two medium-sized plastic balls. my theory is that the skull and other antlers were once hung on the fence. i found the objects immediately at the base of the fence, and there are, in fact, a couple of nails sticking out of the fence at about an appropriate display height. oh yeah, also found one garden hose and most of a large terra cotta pot. all of this was completely hidden from view by the asian jasmine (the topiary was on its side).

Seedlings Galore. tonight i transplanted 4 more pots of basil for a total of 40 basil seedlings. i also potted the mint and chives, as well as some of the savory, thyme, tomatoes, spinach and coriander. all told, i have 19 pots of seedlings in the sunroom.

Mexican Heather Propagation. the plumbago didn't seem to appreciate my attempts to root it in water. however, two sprigs of mexican heather do look very promising. one has visible roots growing; i can't see the roots on the other sprig, but the leaves remain fresh, so something is happening.

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