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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Too Many Tomatoes?

i may gone overboard with the tomatoes. i bought two varieties - amish paste and brandywine - for a total of 100 seeds and made the "mistake" of trying to start them all. very nearly all of the seeds have germinated. even after i move them outside, lose a few, and thin out the weaklings, i'm going to have a lot of tomato plants. darin may be getting more practice making sauce than he expected. do squirrels eat tomatoes?

Potting Progress. last night i transplanted about 40 tomato seedlings into eight pots. also transplanted five pots of spinach (i love spinach) and four of sweet peppers.

there are now two trays of potted seedlings in the sunroom. one is perched safely on top of the plant stand. the other, well, it is within cat-reach. we closed the doors to the sunroom last night to keep the cats out, but i hate to lock them out of the sunroom during the day because it's one of their favorite sleeping/outdoor watching places.

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