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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Egg Update.

at least, i'm assuming there are eggs since there has been a bird on the nest every time i've looked this week. supposing the eggs were laid about march 23 (the day before we first noticed they were setting), then they should be hatching around april 6.

i'm a little surprised that the doves chose this particular spot to nest. yes, it is very sheltered by the rambler (which i have tentatively identified as a climbing rose, the specific name of which escapes me just now). but it is directly between two driveways, and almost right above our gate which makes a great deal of noise each time we drive in or out.

UPDATE: the climber is almost certainly rosa banksiae 'lutea' - i'll try to remember to confirm with neighbor gardener. the secret of my clever investigative work? i saw a picture in this month's martha stewart living.

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