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Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Spring Update 2. the belated

Spring Update 2. the belated redbud is in full bloom - even darin can identify it now.

two of the crape myrtles (the smallest/youngest ones) in the backyard have started leafing out - this is a relief because they looked awfully dry and brittle and i was half-afraid they had succumbed to the cold a few weeks ago.

the butterfly weed is blooming. and i saw a monarch fluttering around on sunday.

the mexican heather sprigs seem to be taking root, and the existing plants are leafing out again.

the same day i planted the mexican heather sprigs, darin put out a couple of dozen tulip bulbs that had been forgotten in the garage. one is definitely putting out new growth and half a dozen more look hopeful.

the herb and veggie seedlings continue to grow in the sunroom and should be ready for outdoor life in about two more weeks. i'd like them to have at least two sets of "real" leaves before setting them out.

on sunday i trimmed the dead bits (from the last cold snap) off the plumbago by the driveway. the big one in the backyard that i trimmed a couple of weeks ago looks great with all the new growth. i haven't tried again to root any plumbago cuttings.

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