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Sunday, April 21, 2002

Holly Clean-Up. the hollies that

Holly Clean-Up. the hollies that i pruned in mid-january have been putting out lots of new growth lately, so i tackled them again today.

as i had hoped when i did the first cutting in january, there now is a lot of new growth on the inside of the bushes, where there had been nothing before due to the lack of sunlight. i cut back some of the longest / tallest main branches and pinched back some of the new growth in an effort to bring the bushes back into the confines of their given space.

once again, they look somewhat pathetic, but i am slowly getting them to a more manageable size.

i also tackled two other hollies - these are against the fence between the front and back yards. eventually, one of them will probably be removed when we move the fence. until then, i'd like to keep the hollies smaller than the crepe myrtles.

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