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Friday, April 19, 2002

Mexican Heather. folks keep coming

Mexican Heather. folks keep coming here from yahoo and google searching for "mexican heather." before last fall, i had never heard of this stuff. but i saw it at a gardening center in the post-season sales, liked the nice greenery and the tiny flowers, bought a couple of plants (turned out to be three), and planted it.

in february, while cleaning out flower beds and trimming the plants, i saved a few of the mexican heather clippings and put them in water to root.

after a few weeks rooting in water on a windowsill, i was ready to plant two sprigs.

i am happy to report that the planted sprigs are putting out new growth, and the three plants i started with last fall are perking up for the spring. the "parent plants" are covered in new growth, despite suffering through 2 or 3 (just barely) below freezing nights.

the plants propagate by themselves by putting down roots from longer stems that fall to the ground - no doubt, there is a technical term for this. i've gained at least three new plants this way.

no flowers yet, but hopefully soon.

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