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Saturday, May 25, 2002

Compost Pile. we have two

Compost Pile. we have two and a half compost piles. yesterday i flipped about half of the oldest pile into yet another spot. parts of this pile were composting very well; other parts weren't doing much at all - too compressed, too dry. which is the whole point of turning the pile - to uncompress so air / water can get through it all.

i've discovered that asian jasmine vines really don't compost well, at least not in my piles. i'm sure that they will eventually decompose, but for now, the vines make a tangled, wiry sort of mass that is a real pain when i'm trying to flip the piles. i would recommend either (1) not bothering to compost the vines or (2) cut them up into short segments before composting. given the amount of jasmine i was pulling out of the "jungle", cutting it up would have been more work than i wanted had i known how poorly the vines would compost.

elephant ear also doesn't compost well - it sprouts, even when buried deep, deep in the pile.

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