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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Little Updates to Lots of

Little Updates to Lots of Things. haven't been spending much time outside this week. too hot, too humid, too many west nile virus infested mosquitoes. but, happily, the garden is doing pretty well without my help.

Serrano peppers: darin's peppers are doing very well. i harvested about eight on monday. they are pretty small but very, very hot. go nicely sautéd with a bit of garlic and basil and pasta.

Crinums: yesterday the largest one yet bloomed - seven flowers on the scape. all the flowers together are about as large as a child's head and the scent is very nice, but nearly overwhelming. another, slightly smaller scape will be ready to bloom in a few more days.

Gardenias: both gardenia bushes are flowering intermittently. the driveway bush has about a dozen flower buds and opens a flower every two or three days; the backyard bush has about half as many buds. right or wrong, i think that the light pruning i did in may might have something to do with this since the buds are appearing on very new growth. i haven't fed the bushes; watering has been sporadic (i.e., a few downpours and about two hose soakings for the driveway bush because i feel sorry for it wedged between concrete and deck).

Butterflyweed: there are some yellow leaves on the lower parts of the stems. i'm not sure whether this is due to natural aging or too much rain in july.

Figs: we've conceded the fight for the figs. the squirrels and birds are victorious (and well fed). there are a few green figs remaining, but the neighborhood squirrel patrol seems to harvest them just before they are ripe enough for human tastes.

Pentas: the pentas look marvelous. i must get more.

Coleus: the coleus tends to look droopy a lot lately. even though i consider the site to be in only partial sun, i think it's too much. maybe i'll move a few to another spot.

Crepe myrtle: lots of blooms. it looks like we have some "standard" sized versions, as well as some semi-dwarf types.

that's enough for now.

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