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Friday, July 26, 2002

Urban Animals. we have an

Urban Animals. we have an (over)abundance of squirrels, so they don't count. much more interesting are the green anoles (anolis carolinensis) and the skinks (scincella lateralis, i think).

just this morning i saw two anoles: a large adult on the back fence and a juvenile in the crinums. the baby was very cute - about two inches long including tail. i've seen the anoles throughout the backyard - side beds, under the sunroom, behind the garage, around the compost pile. so far i've only seen the skinks in the experimental crinum bed behind the garage, around the compost pile and in the mulched bed i recently started under the laurel cherry. i'm pretty sure the reptiles are attracted to the cricket farm we seem to be supporting in the compost piles.

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