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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Rain Lily? walking through

rainlily Rain Lily? walking through the backyard this evening i noticed a splash of hot pink in the middle of the grass. a bit of skimming through my books and searching online and i'm almost positive that it is a rain lily - zephyrantes - of some sort, perhaps z. grandiflora. makes sense, given that we've had lots of rain lately, including another half inch or so yesterday.

despite the charm of having this hot pink flower in the middle of the grass, i decided to dig it up for relocation. after all, it was dangerously close to the dog path and the leaves are so fine that they would just blend in with the grass if the flower were beheaded. i hope it will go ahead and bloom now that it's in a pot (until i decide where to put it).

i found some photos that were very helpful for the identification in a central austin garden (don't miss the rainlily gallery). more useful info is in this gardenweb bulb forum thread: "zephyranthes, rain lilies, culture info request".

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