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Friday, August 30, 2002

Toad Hole.

last fall, when we started "exploring" the backyard of our new home, we discovered a hole below the liriope that rings an oak tree. the liriope ring has apparently been around the tree for several years and has built up about six inches above the level of the yard. the hole was (is) two or three inches in diameter, of indeterminate depth (*i'm* not about to stick my fingers in there!) and sheltered by the liriope.

yesterday afternoon i happened to reach down in front of the hole to pick up some tree debris and noticed what looked like a brown leaf in the hole. looking more closely i realized that it was, in fact, a large-ish toad. i'll try to remember to look this afternoon and see whether he's still there.

not surprisingly, texas (and houston) is home to all sorts of frogs and toads. my (somewhat uneducated) guess is that the aforementioned toad is either a gulf coast toad or a woodhouse's toad. it would be neat if it were a houston toad, but that seems unlikely given its endangered status.

gardeners who wish to encourage toads can help them out by creating a toad shelter.

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