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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Fall Vegetables, Day 23 /

Fall Vegetables, Day 23 / Day 2. progress updates...

peas: the peas are impressive. i actually took a measuring tape to them over the weekend - on average they are 11 inches tall. i am concerned that my stake-and-string support system will not be sufficient.

estimated harvest: november 10 (70 days)

cilantro: about four seedlings have survived so far. they're putting out "real" leaves and actually smell like cilantro. still very small, about two inches tall.

estimated harvest: october 13 (42 days)

spinach: one lonely seedling survives. i think something (bird, bug, slug?) ate the other seedlings since there were no shriveled remains. yesterday i sowed more seeds.

estimated harvest: october 19 / november 9 (48 days)

lettuce: i now know why the lettuce wasn't sprouting...lettuce seeds require light.

i had read the bit of the instructions that said to cover them lightly with soil, but then i also covered them with newspaper, as i had done for all the other seedlings. the newspaper was to help keep the soil damp and protect the seeds from the birds. it also prevented them from being washed away by tropical storm fay.

friday i removed the newspaper from where the lettuce was supposed to be, and, lo and behold, yesterday a couple of somethings (hopefully lettuce) were sprouting. i also sowed more lettuce seeds yesterday. two types - the giant caesar (again) as well as black-seeded simpson.

estimated harvest, giant caesar: november 10 / december 1 (70 days)
estimated harvest, black-seeded simpson: november 6 (45 days)

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