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Monday, September 30, 2002

More Rain Lilies. i found

More Rain Lilies. i found a group of four more rain lily bulbs this weekend.

they were nowhere near the two i discovered in august, which were more or less in the middle of the backyard, between the oak tree and the garage. instead, the new group was in the far back corner of the backyard, near the fig tree (but not under it).

i noticed them only because i was cleaning out yet another infestation of asian jasmine and morning glory (i think). the rain lilies weren't blooming, but the foliage of one was tall enough to catch my attention. digging them up revealed two fairly large bulbs (about one inch in diameter) and two smaller bulbs (about half an inch in diameter). i potted them all together in a rectangular terra cotta planter and added the smaller of the bulbs from august.

speaking of the earlier rain lilies, i don't seem to have ever mentioned that i found a second one about a week after the first. it was in the general vicinity of the first bulb although about half the size; i poked around a bit more in the same site hoping to find additional bulbs but had no luck. the first rain lily is growing nicely even though it has not bloomed again. the second is coming along more slowly.

more rain lily links: "amaryllia cuties" from the national gardener magazine's gardening study perspectives and "pink fairy lily" from gay gardener.

i am now desperate to have scott ogden's garden bulbs for the south; it opens with a chapter on rain lilies, includes an extensive write-up of crinums, and also covers species tulips.

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