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Thursday, September 26, 2002

Relocating (More) Mexican Firebush. on

Relocating (More) Mexican Firebush. on sunday (yes, posts are running a bit behind) i moved two more of the firebushes. one joined its companions along the right edge of the bed; the other found a spot on the left side, next to the front step. one remains in the original location.

they still aren't blooming. i can only suppose that it is because (a) they were pretty small last fall when darin planted them and (b) they were frozen back to the roots in february / march.

earlier this week we happened to seeing a planting of mexican firebush in front of the downtown post office and these plants were blooming like mad. naturally, i had to inspect them. the post office plants are certainly older / more established than our plants because their stems were quite woody and at least twice as thick as ours. oh well, maybe our firebush will bloom next year.

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