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Monday, October 28, 2002

Bulb Arrival.

my wayside gardens order (six saffron crocus + five "erlicheer" narcissus) arrived saturday. according to ups' tracking site, my john scheepers order has arrived in illinois and is scheduled for delivery to me thursday.

if it ever stops raining, i'll start planting. the crocus are going to go under the sycamore tree in the front yard. it's at the edge of a somewhat steep bank so it drains very well. i haven't decided what to do with the narcissus but am pondering putting them around the base of the oak in the front yard.

i definitely need to protect the bulbs in some way, lest they become hors d'oeurves for the neighborhood squirrels. i think the simplest solution will be to cover the bulb area with a large piece of chicken wire. i want to use a large enough piece that the squirrels won't be able to dig around the edges and still get the bulbs. a "border" of six inches sounds like a lot, but i want the bulbs to be safe. i'm not worried about underground critters (moles and voles), if only because i haven't seen any signs of them. besides, making bulb cages seems like an awful lot of work (i spent all weekend thinking about how i could make my own) and the bulb cages i've found for sale are too big (and would require digging an even larger hole).

the new york times ran a story yesterday on "protecting tulips from beast and weather".

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