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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Rain, Rain, More Rain.

it's been raining intermittently since saturday and the forecasts say more is still to come. i think we've gotten at least three inches so far. the backyard is mushy, but no standing water. and my poor compost piles are cold, cold, cold.

at least the crinums and rain lilies are enjoying the rain. two of the "garage" crinums have sent up flower scapes in the last couple of days and should bloom next week. all of the "rescued" rain lilies have put out lots of new growth and i have my fingers crossed that they'll bloom soon, too.

speaking of the crinums, i planted the two surviving crinum "babies" under the cherry laurel a month or two ago and they seem to be adapting well (i.e. lots of new growth). in the meantime, many more crinum offsets have sprouted and need to be dug (escaping from beds into the yard / growing through doorstep) and relocated or given away.

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