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Monday, November 11, 2002

Fun with Referral Logs.

now that fall has arrived and daylight savings has ended, the days are shorter and it's usually dark when i get home. and as much as i enjoy working in the garden, i'm not (yet) willing to wake up early to get some garden-time before going to work. so, to satisfy my desire to blog during the week, i'll "answer" some of the questions that come from the referral logs.

  • "are toad [sic] helpful to gardens?" - i first blogged about toads in the garden on august 30, and most recently on september 16. i haven't checked the toad hole lately, but i think the garden toad may have moved on to higher ground during the recent rainy spell.

    to answer the question, toads are helpful garden inhabitants because they eat insects (including grubs).

  • "killing asian jasmine" - my first post on asian jasmine was on february 16. not surprisingly, i was trying to clear the stuff out of the yard.

    i am happy to report that due to my diligent efforts over the past several months, i have almost entirely cleared the asian jasmine from our yard - and without resorting to chemicals. i did it all by hand, patiently pulling every single blasted plant, getting as much root as possible. these days, i find only a couple of sprouts a month and my greatest problem isn't so much the few bits sprouting from root remnants, but the bits coming through (and under) the fence from the back neighbor's yard.

    fortunately, asian jasmine doesn't seem to be nearly as tenacious / obnoxious as some "weeds". nonetheless, i do not recommend planting the stuff unless you really like it and are willing to look at it for a long, long time.

more referral fun to come later this week!

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