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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Garden Update.

despite feeling rather blah much of last week, i did check on the garden every day.

the existing lettuce is coming right along. one of these days, we'll actually have enough for salad (a very small salad). the latest lettuce sprouts seem happy; i even forced myself to thin them.

the parsley is really amazing. it rebounds in no time after every harvest, getting bushier every time. definitely a good fall selection for me. the rosemary also continues to thrive.

the peas confuse me. on the one hand, i'm down to three surviving pea vines (from over a dozen); but they're now blooming, sort of. two flowers appeared late last week. i have my fingers crossed that something will come of this. maybe we'll have a couple of peas to put in the salad.

the spinach is also troubling. the most recent seeds are sprouting, but the earlier sprouts just don't seem to be getting bigger. maybe the spinach has higher sun requirements than the other plants?

in recent weeks i've "rescued" a couple of garlic cloves from the compost pile. they were thrown out with the kitchen scraps for whatever reason and started sprouting. in the process of turning the compost piles, i discovered the growing garlic and transplanted it into the raised veggie bed. so now i have two garlic plants growing; i still haven't gotten around to finding out what to expect from them.

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