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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Weekend Update.

real quick - the lettuce has sprouted, giant caesar and black-seeded simpson; the existing lettuce continues to grow. the peas aren't happy, but i'm not sure why. spinach is also struggling; cilantro appears to have finally decided to grow. parsley and rosemary look great.

darin let me finish off the basil plants. they were pretty much done, so i salvaged what decent leaves remained and composted the rest. made fresh pesto last night.

with the basil out of the way (it was in the bed under the sunroom window, along with nearly everything else) i was able to lift the second unidentified iris clump. eight fans altogether. i replanted five of them in the previously occupied iris / basil spot and the other three went into the side fence bed, around the base of one of the mandevilla.

i'm not sure that these iris are the same as the first clump i dug - the way the offsets were attached to the main rhizome was different - they were all much closer. and the leaves seem to emerge from the rhizomes in a slightly different growth pattern. or maybe i just looked more closely at this batch. at any rate, hopefully i'll get flowers eventually and have a better idea of what i have.

the monarch hasn't emerged from the chrysalis yet, but it has turned a beautiful bright green, with glittery gold dots.

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