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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Winter is Here.

despite beautiful fall weather all last week, i was feeling a bit under the weather, hence the lack of posts. this week, i'm feeling much more like myself, but the weather has taken a turn for the cold. and no, i don't care how much colder it is everywhere else, this counts as winter weather in houston. i've lived in parts of the country that experience "real" winter and i do not like it for more than a couple of days. this is why i live in houston. when i want to experience winter, we go visit family members in those cold parts of the country, or we take a ski trip.

speaking of last week, the weather really was perfect fall weather. cloudless blue sky, comfortable temperatures during the afternoon, cooling off to crisp sweater weather after sunset. the trees were even changing color and looking like proper fall trees - all too often, the leaves in houston just go from green to brown with no nice colors in between. this is one of the (very) few things i miss about living in a region with four real seasons.

now the forecasters say we're in for a few days of dreary, damp, cold weather. bleah, and i was looking forward to having five days to play in the garden.

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