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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Today's Bulb Order.

from brent and becky's bulbs:

the tulips are really something of an experiment. i've selected various species tulips (and a couple of their hybrids) since they are reportedly the most likely to succeed here where we have mild winters. in other words, i do not intend to pre-chill the bulbs before planting them, and i'm hoping that they will return on their own. same is true of the ones i planted last month.

the crocus tommasinianus, if i remember correctly what i read in garden bulbs for the south, should work here.

most of my selections are predominately yellow, but that's okay. it'll make it easy to give people directions to our house next spring, "it's the one with the yellow front yard."

here are a couple of links to read for more info on tulips for mild winters: wildflower tulips and naturalizing with tulips.

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