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Monday, December 02, 2002

Waiting for Winter. the weather

Waiting for Winter. the weather for the long holiday weekend was much nicer than i expected: no rain, mostly sunny and pleasant daytime temperatures. i spent much of yesterday afternoon raking leaves and pine needles out of the beds in front of the house, vacuuming and chopping them with the rake and vac, then putting everything back into the beds. on-the-spot mulch, you know.

so what possessed me to undertake this tedious task (besides the fact that it really, really needed to be done - various plants were starting to disappear beneath the fallen leaves)?

darin and i decided it was time to hang the christmas lights outside and we wanted to put strings of lights in the liriope bordering the beds and the front walk. so i decided i should tidy up the beds a bit. doesn't matter that the casual observer from the street wouldn't be able actually see what a mess the beds were even with the lights on; i knew and it was enough to motivate me. looks much better now.

assuming the camera batteries have recharged sufficiently, i'll take pictures of the lights tonight.

UPDATE: the digital camera just doesn't like rechargeable batteries. my theory is that after a couple of recharges, the batteries just don't "fill up" as much anymore and the camera is too greedy. if anyone has recommendations for digital camera-friendly rechargeable batteries, please email me (address is over there, on the left).

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