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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Bulb Update.

the bad news is that i still haven't finished planting all my bulbs.

the good news is that many of the bulbs i have planted are coming up:

planted nov. 1 - five of the six crocus sativus have sprouted, along with the two tulipa saxatilis next to them

planted nov. 3 -

  • all 18 tulipa saxatilis around the backyard pine are accounted for
  • the five erlicheer narcissus by the front door have all sprouted; three of them are about six inches tall, the other two only emerged in the past week
  • four of the five leucojum aestivum under the carolina laurel are up
  • along with all ten wisley blues, which have actually been up for a few weeks
planted nov. 10 -
  • nine of the ten wisley blues under the backyard oak have sprouted fairly recently (last couple of weeks), and two of the three that i planted in the iris bed under the sunroom window have come up
  • three of the five l. aestivum planted under the oak have appeared (it's entirely possible that the other two have also sprouted, but i tucked these bulbs into the liriope that circles the oak and it's hard to find things until they get some size)

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