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Sunday, January 19, 2003

Bye, Bye, Pentas.

arrgh. i was overly confident. most of the pentas (pentas lanceolata) have perished in the cold. to be honest, it didn't even occur to me that i should try to protect them even though i knew in the back of my brain that they are "tender" perennials. hopefully, some of them will come back from the roots. i've been so happy with these plants that i'll definitely buy more in a few months, regardless of the recovery rate.

as it turns out, the ixora are hardier than the pentas. to look at them, you'd never know there was frost on the ground this morning.

how cold was it? i'm not sure, but it's about 32F now, so i would guess the overnight low was in the upper 20s. that's pretty nippy by houston standards.

as for the some of the other plants:

  • all but one of the mexican firebush (hamelia patens) got zapped, although i am fairly confident they will recover from the roots as they did last year
  • the red salvia is done for, although the mealy blue salvia next to it looks decent; the pineapple sage looks fine
  • the giant caesar lettuce looks pretty bad (i'm surprised by this as i thought lettuce was frost-tolerant), but the black-seeded simpson lettuce looks fine
  • the rosemary, sweet lavender, greek oregano and parsley are unscathed
  • the cilantro and the remaining pea vine look a little tattered, but should be okay
  • the mexican heather (cuphea hyssopifolia) is looking scraggly, but i know from last year that it will also return from the roots
i don't worry about bulbs, shrubs, trees. it would have to get much colder for them to suffer.

i took the picture below earlier this morning. note that the very dead penta is flanked by two still-living pentas, one of which is actually blooming.

frosty penta

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