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Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Damage Update. the giant caesar

Damage Update. the giant caesar lettuce appears fully recovered from its initial sorry state. in fact, i think it may look a bit better than it did before the cold spell. it's now a deeper shade of green, more like what the burpee pictures look like. (note: i didn't buy these seeds, they were included as a bonus packet with my order last year.)

i overlooked the lantana and crinums when i did the damage report on sunday. the lantana got a bit crispy around the edges and some of the crinum foliage is decidedly mushy, but i expect all to recover.

i'm a little sad about the crinums since one of the back-of-garage plants had just put out a flower scape a few days before the temperature drop. it hadn't developed enough for me to cut it and let it open inside and although it hasn't turned to mush, i'm not sure whether it will be able to bloom.

speaking of plants and cold weather, donald burger has freeze data for houston plants on his gardening site, which, if i'd thought to review earlier, might have prompted me to protect the pentas.

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