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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Pea Planting.

today i planted the four remaining pea sprouts (one had succumbed to some sort of wilt or fungus). no space left in the raised bed, so these sprouts are in the bed along the east fence in the backyard.

i got creative with some stakes and made a four-sided teepee for the future pea vines to climb. and i solved the problem of how to secure the sprouts so they don't flop over before they have a chance to wind around the supports -- tie them up (carefully) with strips of shredded paper. i use a shredder for old bills and such that i don't want to put in the trash and then mix the shreds in my compost piles (also good to add a handful to the bottom of the kitchen scrap container -- keeps the daily coffee grounds from becoming a dense mass that must be scooped out). i actually came up with the paper tie idea shortly after planting out the first six peas and it has worked very well.

speaking of peas, the survivor pea has three pods and continues to bloom.

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