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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Seedlings Everywhere. i've been trying

Seedlings Everywhere. i've been trying to combat the cold weather by separating flower seedlings and putting them in pots. in addition to the five peas i still have inside, i now also have an obscene number of shasta daisy seedlings, a bunch of forget-me-nots, and a smattering of bee balm. oh yeah, and some miscellaneous herbs.

i'm running out of warm, suitably lit, cat-proof places to put all my seedling trays. the breakfast table and the desk in the sunroom would be perfect, but that is dedicated cat-lounging space. i'd have to close the doors to the sunroom to keep the cats out and they'd be mighty upset about that.

there is a plant stand in there, but the two out-of-(easy)-cat-reach platforms are already occupied by potted gardenia cuttings and i can only balance one seedling tray on the very top. the five peas, a couple of pots of daisy seedlings and my two columbines (i thought they were too cold outside) are occupying that enviable spot. a smallish tray with a pot of four tulip bulbs, half a dozen pots of miscellaneous herbs and half a dozen miscellaneous flowers are on top of the stove (except when we're cooking) and the big tray with the remainder of the flower seedlings (36 tiny pots of four seedlings each) is on top of the fridge.

so far i have resisted creating an actual seedling laboratory -- i.e. dedicated shelves with growing lights -- but i see that in the future. maybe not this spring, but definitely at some point.

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