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Saturday, February 22, 2003

"Help" from the Dogs.

one day last week our beloved dogs decided they wanted to "help" me -- they picked up one of the still unplanted pots of queen's rain lilies (zephyranthes reginae) and dumped the contents in the middle of the yard.

not liking the spot the dogs selected -- too likely to be trampled by cavorting dogs -- i divided up the bulbs for planting elsewhere. there were, in fact, 19 bulbs of varying sizes in that one pot (the second pot is still unplanted).

since i like to diversify my risk, i put bulbs in spots with a variety of light / soil / moisture conditions. eventually (hopefully) i'll be able to say with some degree of authority where they are most successful.

  • (5 v. small) under the sunroom window between iris
  • (7) on either side of the carolina laurel in the backyard -- four on one side, three opposite
  • (7) nestled around the base of the fig tree -- four in the ne corner, three in the sw corner
scott ogden's book, garden bulbs for the south, has this to say about the queen's rain lily:
Like Z. citrina, this species happily self-sows and multiplies into thrifty patches. A handful of seed is all that's necessary to start a thriving population. It's one of the most rewarding rain lilies for Southern gardens and flowers steadily from early summer till frost. Z. reginae seems quite hardy to cold.
i'm looking forward to seeing these in bloom.

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