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Monday, February 24, 2003

Pineapple Sage. the pineapple sage

Pineapple Sage. the pineapple sage (salvia elegans) by the back door has gotten huge -- and bloomed continuously for months now. it was crowding out the butterfly weed (asclepias tuberosa), so i felt that the pruning of the sage was in order.

i didn't want to just throw away the trimmings -- ok, i would compost, not throw away -- but two people can only use so much garnish each day. so i went surfing for recipes and decided to try a banana pineapple sage smoothie. yummy! i left out (forgot) the cinnamon and added a bit of cranberry juice. i've made three of these smoothies in the past week and like them as much as anything i've ever been served at the smoothie joints around town.

more sage remains to be "pruned" since i've been cutting only as much as i can use. if i get adventurous this week i might try a pineapple sage pound cake.

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