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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Spring Clean Up. so it's

Spring Clean Up. so it's not actually spring yet and it was overcast and chilly and a bit damp outside, but i went ahead and spent a few hours cleaning up the backyard today. mostly picking up fallen sticks and pine cones and pulling weeds.

pulling weeds by hand is a good way to get up close and personal with the yard. i'm fighting a not-quite-losing battle against the mock indian strawberry (duchesnea indica) in one corner of the yard. i try to spend a few minutes pulling the stuff every day (barring rain or cold) and the patch is very slowly shrinking. i also try to pull the "escapees" whenever i see them in other parts of the yard.

i've decided not to fight the woodsorrel / oxalis. i don't know which oxalis it is, but i'm leaning towards oxalis violacea. regardless of identification, it has nice green clover-like foliage and dainty pink flowers.

while picking up around the holly fern (cyrtomium falcatum) i noticed that it had a dozen or so fiddleheads. guess that means it's happy.

i also picked up a pocketful of redbud (cercis canadensis)* seed pods. because i can't resist a challenge (and i really like redbuds), i'm going to try to start the seeds. right now they're soaking in warm (it was hot) water.

* i'm not certain that what we have is an eastern redbud, but it probably is.

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The worst part about this time of year is cleaning up the dog's poop as all the snow melts. Yuck! Piles everywhere!

Posted by: Mary | Mar 5, 2004 4:27:42 AM