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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Spring has Sprung.

one of the many reasons i love living in houston is that spring comes early. indeed, what passes for winter here would be considered spring in many places.

the japanese magnolias / tulip trees (magnolia x soulangeana) have been blooming for at least the past two weeks here in our neighborhood. we don't have one ourselves, but there are several on our block and if it weren't for the fact that i'd like to put a live oak (quercus virginiana) in the front yard, i'd seriously consider a japanese magnolia. apparently i'm not the only one who has noticed that they're looking especially nice this spring.

earlier this week i saw the first redbud (cercis canadensis) in bloom on our block. i'm not sure whether the predominant redbud around here is the eastern (cercis canadensis var. canadensis), texas (cercis canadensis var. texensis) or mexican (cercis canadensis var. mexicana) version. when ours leafs out i'll try to make a more accurate identification. one thing i do know about our particular tree is that it blooms a few weeks later than all the others in the neighborhood, probably because it's in a mostly shady corner whereas the ones i see around the neighborhood tend to be in sunnier spots.

the azaleas are getting started -- our two tiny azaleas are covered in buds. several folks on our block already have azaleas going strong, but all are larger / sunnier bushes than what we have. i did notice yesterday that one of ours is now showing some color in the buds -- hot pink. the river oaks garden club's 68th annual azalea trail kicks off next weekend. i've lived in houston for over ten years now and have yet to go on the azalea trail. maybe this year.

all ten of the tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha that i planted in the front bed are up. this is a very good thing since i had started to worry that the squirrels had feasted on all of them.

it's a beautiful day outside, so i should go out and enjoy it now.

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