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Sunday, March 16, 2003

Playing with Rocks. yesterday

stone Playing with Rocks. yesterday darin and i bought 300-odd pounds of rocks -- "san jacinto ledgestone" (i have no idea what the scientific name is).

we spent over an hour wandering through a local stone yard -- san jacinto stone, for the curious -- looking at rocks. rocks for edging, paving stone, gravel of all sizes, and big boulders for "focal points." we were looking specifically for rocks to edge the new bed we're putting off the east side of the deck, but we also got lots of ideas for future projects.

sure enough, the san jacinto ledgestone was among the first piles of rock we looked at, but we went through the whole yard to make sure.

since we had only eyeballed the space before going shopping, we had to guess how much to buy. naturally, we ended up a few feet short so darin had to make a second trip. he also roughly placed the rocks around the bed-to-be (to make make sure we had enough) and we both agree that the rocks are a perfect complement to the house and the deck and it's going to look fantastic.

i put down newspaper and compost to cover the area of the new bed last weekend so the grass is on its way to being dead. this afternoon i dug out the grass along the edges.

darin hasn't caught on yet, but this is all part of my master plan to eliminate much of the lawn.

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