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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Yellow! imagine my surprise

iris bud Yellow! imagine my surprise this morning when i was taking my morning stroll through the yard, admiring how upright and bold the foliage of the unidentified iris has become, and saw a flower bud!

it's just peeking out but you can see a beautiful, clear yellow tip. the bud is huge compared to the bearded iris i remember my mother growing -- it's about two inches top-to-bottom. i'm incredibly anxious to see it bloom (here's hoping nothing happens to it in the meantime.)

this plant is one of the ones i replanted in the bed below the sunroom window after separating the monster unblooming clump-o-iris. i honestly didn't expect any of them to bloom this year since i just separated them in november. even if this is the only flower i get from them this year, i'll be happy -- and eager to see what happens next year. nonetheless, i can't help but be hopeful that the rhizomes i put at the end of the deck* will bloom this year since they get at least 25% more sun than the bed this one is in.

oh, and the "bold" foliage is ~30 inches tall; the fan with the bud is ~24 inches tall and the tallest fan in the "sunny" bed is exactly 36 inches tall. i just went out and measured everything.

* the bed we just finished is an around-the-corner extension of this bed.

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