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Sunday, March 23, 2003

Weekend Update.

perfect spring weather -- lots to do outside today.

but first, recent garden developments: the narcissus triandrus 'petrel' started blooming this past week. one stem of two flowers currently open; many more up and expected to open over the next few days. the petrel foliage is only about half the height of the erlicheer foliage (~12 inches vs. ~24 inches).

the pixie lilies are about 8 inches tall and appear to have flower buds. the 'royal fantasy' lilies are 12-18 inches tall and getting taller. no buds apparent. also, much to my relief, the 'regale' lilies are finally sprouting -- three of the five are up so far.

another happy development, about 60% of the final batch of bulbs are up.

cilantro is blooming, as are chives. sugar snap peas are 4-5 feet tall and look fantastic; hopefully will start producing soon. the two tomatoes have been planted in the raised bed; matt's wild cherry started blooming a few days ago.

tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha is blooming away. this might be my favorite of the tulips so far.

the crape myrtles are leafing out, the cherry laurel is blooming (and, much to my annoyance, last season's dropped seeds are sprouting all over the back yard), the redbud has just started blooming and the sweet olives look ready to bloom in the next week or so.

last, but certainly not least important, we finished making the new bed off the deck. pictures to come.

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