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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Heat Hiatus.

it's already disgustingly hot and humid and it's only the beginning of may. i haven't been doing much outside lately, although yesterday morning it was nice enough out that i finally finished planting my pepper plants. i can deal with these conditions, just not so early in the summer. instead, i've been working on various indoor projects.

the gardenia flowers have come and gone. the heat finished off the blooms very quickly. the lilies are done; i need to dig up the ones i'm going to relocate soon.

i pulled out all the sugar snap peas a few days ago -- powdery mildew got to be too much for them, no doubt their decline was hastened by the heat and humidity.

on the other hand, the lantana is thriving and the cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen.

other stuff also happening in the garden, but i need to finish stripping the kitchen wallpaper.

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