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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Hot and Dry.

it has been unseasonably hot and dry for most of the month of may so i haven't been doing much outside. we did have a bit of rain here monday night -- enough that seven rain lily buds have appeared and should bloom in another day or two.

my two cherry tomato plants are thriving. both plants are a couple of feet in diameter and the 'sweet million' is taller than me. in the last ten days or so i've started harvesting a (smallish) handful of cherry tomatoes every other day.

the first-planted serrano pepper is covered with a couple dozen small peppers; we've also got a couple of bell peppers ripening and a couple of very long, very odd-looking banana peppers. sadly, although the poblano is growing nicely, it isn't setting any peppers. we had the same problem with the poblano we tried last year.

the purple basil (bought 4" plant, separated in two before planting) and the green basil (grown from seed -- yay, me!) is looking / smelling wonderful. all plants are now six - eight inches tall and bushing out. i had fresh basil and cherry tomatoes on my pasta the other day.

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