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Monday, June 23, 2003

Monday Miscellany.

the carolina jessamine that i had so badly neglected has apparently forgiven me and is rebounding admirably.

it now has more than 20 leaves (from eight). even though it still looks quite pathetic it is not nearly so pitiful as it was a week ago.

two of the recently acquired crocosmia have sprouted, including one of those that i relocated to the driveway bed. others may be a bit slower to emerge as darin added yet another layer of compost / mulch to the island bed.

several rain lilies from the trade are also coming up in their little area of the island bed.

seedlings of some sort are visible where i earlier sowed daisies and bee balm. time will tell whether these are the hoped-for flowers or merely random weeds.

a week later, the red columbine continues to taunt me with two still-unopened flower buds. soon, very soon.

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