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Monday, June 16, 2003

Monday Miscellany.

scattered showers continue; one rain lily bloomed today (zephyranthes grandiflora), another will open tomorrow.

i think the aquilegia canadensis is getting ready to bloom; tiny flower buds appear to be forming.

i dug up two of the recently planted crocosmia from the island bed and relocated them in the driveway bed next to the ratty looking annual (red) and blue salvias. one of the crocosmia had sprouted a pretty good tangle of roots in just a couple of days.

the struggling carolina jessamine definitely has tiny new leaves.

the 'sweet million' tomato plant got too top heavy for its support and is a now a less-than-graceful specimen; on the other hand, the 'matt's wild cherry' tomato prefers a comparatively low sprawl and has spread its mass to cover much of the herb bed. i really like the 'matt's wild cherry' - the tomatoes are tiny, but tasty and numerous and the plant is terrifically vigorous.

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