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Wednesday, June 04, 2003


thunder and lightning woke me in the wee hours of the morning. i looked at the clock but it didn't yet read "time to get up" so i don't remember what time it was. i'm not much of a morning person and even less of a pre-dawn person. judging from the water-logged condition of our newspaper the rain must have started after the paper was delivered [1], i.e. after 6 a.m.

i do remember lying in bed, listening to the storm and trying to remember whether i had any small, vulnerable seedlings outside that i should go rescue. my sleep-muddled mind was having trouble sorting things out, but i did decide that if there were any seedlings they had probably been pounded into the soil already [2] and i wasn't willing to stumble around in the dark and rain and mud to tie up the tomatoes [3].

i don't have a proper rain gauge, but based on the water accumulated in empty pots i think we had about an inch here. neighborhoods not far from us got two inches.

[1] our delivery person is very good about throwing the paper onto the higher (drier) part of the yard rather than the lower (wetter) part of the driveway if it's raining or threatening to rain.

[2] there aren't any seedlings; i was worrying needlessly.

[3] the tomatoes survived the storm unscathed without additional support / protection. the peppers are fine, too.

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