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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Salvia Habit.

i seem to have a growing salvia habit (ha, ha, unintentional pun).

it's not entirely my fault. darin started when he bought a pineapple sage (salvia elegans) last year. it's a beautiful plant and it bloomed exuberantly from december into may, but he's gone overboard taking cuttings from it. there are now seven or more "babies" of this plant scattered around the backyard.

i started with a blue salvia (s. farinacea, i think) and a red salvia (s. splendens, i think) last july. while these specimens are not especially impressive, i've been sucked into the salvia world.

in march i bought two s. greggii (coral) and a s. urtica; shortly thereafter, darin bought a third s. greggii (but to his credit it is a different color -- red, i think).

yesterday i bought a s. sinaloensis and was sorely tempted by a few others (i may yet go back for them since they're on sale).

a wealth of salvia information is available on the web:

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