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Saturday, July 12, 2003

Ailing Rosemary.

the rosemary in my raised bed looks terrible -- it's a mere shadow of its formerly beautiful self. this decline happened very quickly over the last few days, so i can't help but think it's related to all the rain we've had recently.

even though the plant is near the edge of a raised bed (~8 inches), i think the soil mix is holding too much moisture. i just went out and pulled back the mulch and sure enough the soil around the rosemary is still awfully damp. so i've pulled back the mulch all around the rosemary to try to dry it out a bit before the rain returns.

regardless of what happens to this plant we'll still have plenty of rosemary. darin has scattered at least half a dozen rosemary plants around the yard -- in the ground and in containers. i'm just disappointed about this particular specimen because it is 'mine.'

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